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  1. Erick says:

    I had the great pleasure visiting Carina (I hope the name is correct), on July 14th.

    Before I came I did not know what I could expect for the 90 minutes. As I told upon arrival I have earlier tried some of the Thai saloons in Bergen – with varying “results”. A few of these girls can give a relatively good massage, but many are really amateurs – probably their background are from a little different type of business – wanting to sell additional services. No more negative words about them…

    My experience from Eden:

    I was quite stressed before I arrived, mainly due to my job (working as project manager with projects abroad).
    I saw the advertisement in BA and decided that I would give this a try. Just left the job in the middle of the day – and when I arrived – I must say that I was very surprised when this beauty opened the door – WOW!

    We sat down, I had a glass of water – I guess still a bit shaky after the job stress. But this girl was so calm and nice and I did not feel nervous in any way. The girl explained about that various steps she would perform afterwards, and after a shower the treatment started. The whole atmosphere, with music and the excellent massage made me nearly fall into sleep a couple of times. It was not real sleep – I had my eyes open – but I was like being a bit away from what was going on. I cannot explain it – maybe you can….

    After I left – when out on the street – I was in some ways different from when I came in. I was very calm, my body was very relaxed. I walked slowly to my car and went back to work. Still – 5 days after my visit – I can sit down, close my eyes in a way re-experience this session.

    I will absolutely come back another time.
    I do not know how busy you are these days – I am going on holiday from Saturday 23rd July, till August 12th but if possible I would like to make another visit before I go.

    I will contact you for a new appointment when I get the possibility to come.
    And sometime in the future… maybe two girls??
    We will find out….

    Sorry for using many words…. but I wanted to let you know that I am very glad that I did this choice a few days ago, and that I am now aware of this place for relax and exciting experiences!

    Best regards

  2. Lars, Fana says:

    I have visited Eden Massage twice (2 and 3 hours), and will recommend it highly to anyone looking for a Tantric experience in Bergen.
    Location is great, and the rooms are very clean, delicate and beautifully decorated. The therapists are professional – this is real Tantra massage, they know what they are doing, and they are good at it.
    So, no matter if you have long experience with Tantra, or if you are just curious, I will recommend trying Eden.
    I will definitely come back!

  3. Stein says:

    Just a few words about my two first visits in April 2017.
    This is an absolutely serious and professional establishment that provides a high quality product.
    My experience here was the same as Erik’s.

    I was met by a Hungarian lady by (artistic) name of Asia. The massage she gave was a mindblowing, mesmerizing experience to me.
    It also gave an opportunity for understanding myself better. She advised me to let go of my sometimes exaggerated
    response to the massage and just pay attention to the touches.
    I do have a somewhat overactive symphatetic nervous system and found that when I managed to let go of and slow that down the experience was better for it.

  4. Stein says:

    For me this was a bit of a revelation. I have been doing movements many years that circulate and
    ‘redeploy’ energy. The massage was a kind of release for me, It gave me an understanding, a direct feeling
    of the creative side of sexual energy.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, dear Stein, for sharing. Seems you really felt what is the meaning of a genuine tantric massage at the highest level. We are happy there are still people who are looking for deep sensual experiences and not for a superficial quick end.

  5. Ivar says:

    Thank you for an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the Session.

  6. bjorn says:

    Thank you, a massage I won’t soon forget…I can’t wait to come back again. Bjorn

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