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Tantric Massage for Couples


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Tantric Massage for Couples is an opening for all the couples that are looking for a real beneficial experience instead of merely a concept. Tantra is a very practical manual for a fulfilling, harmonious and endlessly loving couple relationship.

The ancient tradition of Tantra views the couple as a symbol of the entire universe. Tantra believes that the journey of personal growth of any individual is much faster, more fulfilling and profoundly transformative when experienced with a partner, if the relationship is one of reciprocal love and respect, of balance between manifesting your self and reflecting the other one.

Our salon happily welcomes any couple that is willing to explore the complexities of achieving profound sensual intimacy, heart to heart communication and erotic fulfillment in their relationship.

Expectations from Tantric Massage for Couples

For your booking it is important to know that your Tantric Massage session will take place in separate rooms. The reason for this is that in this way you will be able to relax and remain centred in yourself, as each of you is the focus of a Erotic Massage Bergen session.

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Tantra says that the energy goes wherever the attention goes, so by being focused on the other one, what they are experiencing, how they like it, you lose yourself a little. Losing yourself a little to the other one is one of the most encountered destabilizing inner conflicts faced in a relationship.

The secret is to be as profoundly focused on the other one as you are on yourself, but like any secret there is a challenge to it: the intricate balance that this secret involves is as difficult as walking on a high wire. Too much to one side and you lose yourself to the other. Too much to the other side and you are so focused on yourself that you lose touch with the other.

For the purpose of learning this intricate balance, you must take it little by little. Come for a visit and have a Tantric Massage session separately so you can achieve the first step of focusing on yourself, while awakening and harmonizing your respective feminine and masculine energies. After the Erotic Massage session, when your mind is relaxed and aware, your body is restored, energized and sensitized, and your heart is overflowing, being charged from the deeply affectionate and enveloping feast of touch, you will meet up again, being your best self, and you can take the second step together.

Ideally, in order to take this second step together while still in this special, enhanced state of the senses, the energies, the heart and mind, you should reserve the time after your Tantric Massage for Couples to have a delightful, magical and harmonious erotic encounter when you arrive home. You will be surprised and amazed of the difference you will feel.

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The respective Erotic Massage sessions of the man and the woman will take place exactly as described in the Tantric Massage for Women and the Tantric Massage for Men text. For the pertinent details, please read the materials found on the respective pages.

The minimum session recommended for your Tantric Massage for Couples is two hours to experience the full effect of the massage in a deep and powerful positive experience.

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What not to expect from your Erotic Massage Session

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As mentioned on the pages of Tantric Massage for Women and for Men, there are no sexual services involved in any massage session at Eden Massage Centre Bergen. For that reason, put aside any worries about “what your partner might be doing/be receiving/be offered”. As an affectionate side note, no matter how wonderful either of you are, and regardless of the feeling of intimacy and trust created between you and your therapists during the Tantric Massage for Couples, the persons offering all the massages at Eden Massage Centre are professional therapists and will not be joining you in your personal intimate life, either after your Erotic Massage session, or during the session.

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