The Art of Massage Brings Out the Beauty in Your Life

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At Eden Tantric Massage Bergen we believe in the power of beauty. It can be found in the beautiful ambience of the centre's surroundings, in the harmony of the music, of the scents, and colors, and it can awaken your heart.

At Eden Tantric Massage Bergen we believe in your beauty. Through the art of sensual massage which embraces intimacy and arousal as a beautiful human behavior, we aim to give pleasure to a single heart by a single act of acceptance without judgment, expectation or obligation.

There is no greater affirmation of someone's acceptance then to touch and be touched, to care and be cared for, which makes the Eden Tantric Massage in Bergen probably one of the most fulfilling sensual experiences a person can have.

To experience and be conscious of every sensation is a very liberating experience.

Accessing the ancient wisdom of Tantra

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At Eden Tantric Massage Bergen we offer the meaningful experience of sensual awakening anchored by genuine mindfulness. The practical wisdom of Tantra emerged from being able to access everything we experience in real time at a deeper, conscious level, from where we can improve how that affects us.

Every sensation, every thought and emotion, every word, action and reaction that involves us, influence the balance of our body, mind and spirit. That means they influence how we experience our identity.

Because they don't know how to go beyond the dynamic appearances of everyday life to its essence, most people have no idea how good their bodies were designed to feel. Eden Tantric Massage Bergen was created to bring you effortlessly to that magical moment.

The original and most refined way to enjoy a successful life

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At Eden Tantric Massage Bergen you, our guest and cherished friend, are welcomed whenever you feel the need for a relaxing, or sensual, or loving getaway.

Eden Tantric Massage Bergen blends in an inspired way Tantric ancient wisdom, genuine affection and expert massage techniques to reverse everything physical, or mental, or emotional that you translate into muscular, sexual, emotional and mental tension.

A harmonious love life is in many cases a natural cure for stress, depression, lack of self-confidence and a bleak outlook on the future, because it uses your sexual energy to boost the biological, chemical, emotional, and mental balance of your being.

But what do you do when your sexual energy is blocked, diminished or without genuine beneficial outlet to reach this fulfilling love life? Entrust us to solve this problem for you.

Eden Tantric Massage Bergen

The Loving And Healing Power Of Tantra At Our Fingertips Just For You

Eden Tantric Massage Bergen is based on genuine Tantric knowledge and an extensive therapeutical experience in several types of massage to adapt to you as an unique individual.

Eden Tantric Massage Bergen is a way to awaken and explore the sexual energy and emotion in a warm ambience, in a non-judgmental and caring way.

Embracing the sexual energy during our Tantric Massage Bergen enables the body and mind to relax profoundly, in a way that regular massage does not.

As the body becomes more sensually aroused, the sensory messages transmitted from the skin and erogenous areas reaffirm to the mind that you are safe, allowing you to literally exist "in the moment".

During massage, the support of Tantric massage techniques and breathing leads to greater natural control.

Many of us women think of massage in the sense of a relaxation therapy only. Something you enjoy only when on holiday or when pampering one's self. We go out of our way to ignore or deny the profound need for caring touch, and because our bodies are imprinted with that basic need, we live with the consequences.

Eden Tantric Massage Bergen is not just a luxury to be enjoyed every now and then, when you think you deserve it - which is never often enough. Instead Tantric Massage is an essential part of any well balanced lifestyle of harmony and wellbeing. Our Tantric Massage Bergen helps you be empowered and independent.

The essence of Eden Tantric Massage Bergen is yourself, as you are now. You are the principal source of your own pleasure, love, intimacy and sexuality. Eden Tantric Massage Bergen helps release any sexual, emotional or mental blockages in a delicate and attentive way, while giving new beneficial directions for the energy to flow.

Eden Tantric Massage Bergen for couples is a celebration of the intimacy, connection, trust and fulfillment of both parties. Eden Tantric Massage Bergen is an ideal key to the complexities of achieving sensual intimacy, better communication and erotic fulfillment within relationships. It enables men and women to activate all the potential of their being, while relaxing their minds, restoring their bodies and renewing their spirit.

Our Tantric Massage Bergen alleviates stress and dissolves energetic blockages, having a positive influence on the sensual, emotional and mental connection of the couple. Sexual ecstasy, love, intimacy comes from within when you are well and have an overflow of effervescent balanced energy. Eden Tantric Massage Bergen triggers this overflow of effervescent harmonious energy by awakening and directing the respective sexual energies in the man and the woman.

Eden Tantric Massage Bergen offers to all women, men and couples that wish to feel more fulfilled in their personal lives, Tantra Coaching and Tantra Workshops.

Like every offer of Eden Tantric Massage Bergen, Tantra Coaching is a thoughtful, individually tailored and close guidance, suited to the particular needs and goals of the woman, man or couple interested in learning how to use Tantra to improve their lives and enjoy better personal growth.

Eden Tantric Massage Bergen's Tantra Workshops take place regularly at our Tantric Massage Bergen centre and you can make reservations in advance for the open periodical Tantra Workshops with guest speakers on various topics, or book a private Tantra Workshop created especially for a particular issue, problem or interest that you want to address.


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