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Tantric Massage for Women


Tantric Massage for Women is a wonderful opportunity to spoil yourself, to relax and enjoy receiving unconditionally, being taken care of without expectations or demands made on you, without any worry that your actions might be misinterpreted or your boundaries crossed if you open up.

Women are uniquely endowed to experience bliss through erotic awakening, because the essence of our pleasure is our very self, our entire being. This can be a wonderful thing, being the source of your own pleasure, love, intimacy and sexuality. But social tradition and norms discourage women from putting our happiness and bliss in the first place. We ask ourselves too often if we deserve or are worthy of something wonderful when the opportunity appears.

Erotic Massage for Women is designed especially for you. It adapts precisely to what you need, wish for and are able to accept.


What to expect from your Tantric Massage session

Right from the start when you call to make your booking you can choose whether you would feel more comfortable having a female or male therapist doing your Tantric Massage session. Also when you make your booking you have the first opportunity to choose a Yoni Massage (Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vulva) in your Erotic Massage session. You can change your mind at any time during your visit either to add a Yoni Massage to cancel it.

The Yoni Mapping from the Tantric massage for woman also gives you the chance to learn to use your Yoni muscles and become aware of every part of your Yoni, and can help you identify particular spots like your G spot, your cervix, your A spot. If you feel comfortable enough and are open to it, it can also give you the opportunity to experience other types of orgasm then those that are easiest for you, leading to total orgasm if two or more types of orgasm are experienced simultaneously.

The visit starts with a short conversation with your therapist – usually over a cup of tea – regarding your expectations, your wishes and important personal details regarding particular issues you would like to address, your boundaries and your physical state at the time of massage.

Your therapist will also give you details regarding the Tantric Massage for Women and the goals of the techniques employed.

Your therapist will then show you to your shower and afterwards take you to the massage room. The ambience is set to be relaxing, very pleasant and to enhance your experience by enveloping your senses with beautiful music, mood lighting and aromatherapy.


A Tantric Massage for Women starts with stillness between the therapist and you, with the therapist’s hands gently resting on your back. Your body is slowly awakened to life with enveloping touches, followed by deeply relaxing massage to remove any sign of stress or any blockages, letting your energy flow freely and carrying you into a deep state of relaxation of the body and of the mind, leaving all your worries behind.

The Erotic Massage is continuous and flowing with focus on deep connection, empathy and presence.
While having the Tantric Massage, the therapist is continuously focused on you, your state of relaxation, your breathing and your energy. The massage is uniquely tailored not only to your individual needs, but to your exact state at the time of the session. The therapist will insist on the areas of your body that are more tense, creating a slow buildup, awakening and loosening the sexual energy and diffusing it in your entire body.

The euphoric feeling that starts to fill you comes from the sensitizing of your skin and the energizing of your body, turning it into a generalized erogenous area. The therapist relies on deep empathy, caring touch and trust built on constant feedback from you. If anything at any moment feels wrong or unpleasant please let us know at once.

At this point in your Erotic Massage for Women you are free to experience your sexual energy fully awakened, effervescent, profound and liberating. Depending on how you feel at that moment the massage can proceed with Yoni Massage or Yoni Mapping can slow down to at its conclusion.

The Yoni Mapping integrated in the Tantric Massage for Women gives you the chance to gently eliminate tensions or traumas stored at the level of the Yoni, of either emotional or sexual origin. With time these tensions and traumas can lead to painful areas or even loss of sensation in various parts of your Yoni. By massaging gently these areas, the energy blocked at that level is slowly released and energizes the entire Yoni leading to more and more pleasant sensations.


What to consider for your Erotic Massage session


If you feel unsure about coming to an unfamiliar place and trusting strangers with your body and your intimacy, you might consider inviting one of your best friends to join you. This way, you can turn it into a memorable common experience that will bring you closer together and will give you something to share with your other friends, while at the same time making you feel totally safe and comfortable.

Tantric Massage for Women is done in accordance with genuine Tantra. Therefore, orgasm with female ejaculation is not pursued or triggered during the visit. The special way in which your sexual energy is awakened and connected with the rest of your body allows you to experience profound state of bliss in your entire body. The purpose of the Yoni Mapping session during the Erotic Massage for women is to awaken, harmonize and amplify the beneficial sexual energies at the level of the Yoni. The Yoni Massage is not a sexual service and while orgasm is a wonderful possibility, it is not the main purpose of the massage, and it is not guaranteed.

The Tantric Massage for Women is done with hypoallergenic oil and the highest standards of hygiene, care and discretion. Erotic Massage is a wonderful opportunity to spoil yourself. This special massage is done with hypoallergenic oil and the highest standards of hygiene, care and discretion.

The minimum session recommended for your Tantric Massage for Women is two hours in order to gain the full effect of the massage and have a much deeper and powerful experience.

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