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tantric-massage-bergenEden Tantric Massage Bergen is part of the ancient tradition of Tantra that was perfected over five millennia ago. Tantra has always been more of a science then a philosophy. The reason why this is true is that Tantra is entirely based on direct practice and has perfected excellent methods based on the realities of the human microcosm and the universal macrocosm. Many of the Tantric principles have been proven true through the ages some as recently as the past few years by means of advanced medicine, astrophysics and quantum physics.

This is what makes Eden Tantric Massage Bergen so effective in such an unique experience.

The Tantric Massage Bergen unwinds the body, relaxes the mind and balances the psyche. It works at all levels of the being to awaken the powerful sexual energy – the very energy of life – in a harmonious and intoxicating way, that turns the journey to transform the various issues we face into a celebration of the senses and of the heart.

What Does The Genuine Eden Tantric Massage Bergen offer you?

Eden Tantric Massage Bergen employs the use of relaxation and therapeutic massage to relax every fiber of the being and thoroughly remove stress. With the body completely relaxed energy can flow freely. At this point in our Tantric Massage Bergen, the sexual energy is awakened and activated, then channeled through your entire body.

This energy of life is directed throughout your body and is able to realign and heal imbalances and psychosomatic problems that you might face.

Because the Tantric Massage Bergen’s main medium is touch, it allows through one session to highly charge the skin, which contains hundreds of thousands of sensory receptors. Your skin sends messages to your brain via the spinal cord, and prompts the brain to produce endorphins, natural pain suppressants more powerful in effect than morphine.

So the first stage of the Tantric Massage Bergen is eliminating pain.

The second stage of the Tantric Massage Bergen is surrounding you with loving touch doubled by focused attention.

Every gesture, every movement is designed especially for you alone. No two massages are identical. This nurtures self-worth, self-confidence, trust, openness and love in your being. Experiencing the world through the eyes of love is a profound, transforming experience and most of us would only wish to be able to feel the euphoria of being in love all the time, all our life.

The third stage of the Tantric Massage Bergen is triggering the state of mindfulness.

This state of mindfulness that has become so popular in recent times is actually an essential Tantric technique. It is from this state of mindfulness that Tantric masters were able to access the profound levels of their being, and connect to the profound levels of the universe.

In the state of mindfulness you exist simply in the present moment. This is a powerful spiritual key that people all around the world are opening to. When you are profoundly anchored in the present moment, you are tangent with eternity.

The fourth stage of the Tantric Massage Bergen is the control of the sexual energy.

Only in the state of profound relaxation, affection and mindfulness created simultaneously through the means of our Tantric Massage Bergen it’s possible to direct and control the sexual energy. At this stage of the Tantric Massage Bergen, acupressure techniques, Tantric techniques and breathing techniques can be applied to help you control the sexual energy in an easy and accessible way.

Incredible Benefits Of Eden Tantric Massage Bergen

•    Addresses Sexual Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation
•    Heals Trauma
•    Frees from Fear of Intimacy and Trust
•    Cultivates Male/Female Sexual, Emotional and Mental Energy
•    Balances your Energies within Yourself and Harmonizes them with your Lover
•    Teaches Genuine Tantric Secrets to Lovemaking and Transmuting Sexual Energy
•    Supports a Deeper Loving Connection with Self and Others
•    Improves Personal and Social Adjustment
•    Enhances Intimacy, Affection, Trust and Reciprocal Desire in the Couple
•    Opens the Heart and Mind to the Profound Realities of the Being and the Subtle Realities of the Universe

A minimum 1.5 hour session is needed to gain the full effect of the Tantric Massage Bergen, as it allows for a much deeper, more powerful experience.

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