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Natural Nude Tantra Massage

Eden Centre – Your Personal & Exclusive Oasis in Bergen

Here you can quench your thirst from our well of profound relaxation, warm intimacy, deep sensuality and appetite for joy and life.

No matter if you are a woman, a man, a couple, or even with your friends, you are always welcome to enjoy Nude Massage at Eden Salon!

Woman' hands making  massage to a nude male model

Nude Tantric Massage

Eden Centre from Bergen brings to you the fascinating proposition of nudity, as a sacred expression of your and our most profound self. Feel the absolute freedom and the adventure of sensual exploration skin to skin and body to body.

The Gift of Nudity, Offered in a Perfect Natural Massage

As many of you already know, we treat all our guests with affection, constant attention and perfect respect for your boundaries. The Natural Nude Tantra Massage is a new opportunity for our guests to experience exquisite moments of sensuality, eroticism, relaxation and acceptance with the added gift of nudity offered in perfect reciprocity.

This erotic massage is not a screen for unnamed sexual services, so we kindly ask all our guests to treat all our therapists with the same courtesy they are offered and to respect them as what they truly are: masters of the art of massage.

Experience a Fantastic Erotic Massage in Bergen – Body to Body and Heart to Heart

We invite you to celebrate sensuality and beauty and feeling free and natural with us.

Book a Nude Massage at our salon and receive the gift of surrender and complete intimacy.

The Nude Massage – all natural, all the way

Why nudity? Why is it so powerful to all of us? So compelling? So tempting? So taboo? Why the need for Nude Massage?
It is simple. Nudity is our most natural state. We relax profoundly when we are naked and feel comfortable. It is exhilarating and freeing. We feel a subconscious attraction for nudity.

At the same time, it makes us feel vulnerable, exposing ourselves as we are, without concealing anything. How many times have we felt at least bit nervous or apprehensive about being naked in front of someone else for the first time? Or for the hundredth time? Wondering whether we are seen as too thin or too large, too young or too old, or whether this or that body part is too big or too small.

Nudity is also a social and religious taboo, not only a vulnerability, so all this limits our choices of enjoying this simple freedom as often as we need, or as we would like, stress-free.

 Enjoy Nudity and Feel Free

woman taking bubble bath with candlesOur Nude Massage in Bergen gives you the opportunity to indulge in this freedom in absolute privacy, complete acceptance and intimacy.

The profound desire and need for nudity and feeling natural, coupled with the restraint of it being a taboo, creates a tension inside your body and being, which, when released through an affectionate, harmonious fulfillment of your desire, creates great exhilaration and euphoria.

The Nude Massage creates the most intimate, sensual and supportive ambient for you to experience the joy of nudity and refined eroticism.

Feel the Beauty of Nudity

 fertility godness painting portraing  three goddesses  the birth of venus

Art is and always has been the first to approach, climb and conquer the strongest taboos. It’s tool and siege-engine is beauty. By revealing the elegance hidden behind nudity it opens the hearts and minds of people to the power of that taboo.

Since time before memory, art is fascinated by nudity to a great extent, because it is an exceptional symbol. It has in turns symbolized creation, fertility, the revelation of mystery, innocence, purity, the ephemeral human nature, freedom and power.

You will discover the beauty of these symbols and many others with Eden Nude Massage, the art of sensual massage.

Natural Roots for Modern Life

Recently, the state of nudity and its normalcy is being reclaimed in the western world by the French movement of Naturism. More and more naturist spas, naturist beaches, naturist parks and even naturist resorts are emerging to meet the profound need for nudity, for feeling free and natural in the complex lives of modern people.

young nude people relaxing on the grass in a parkWe recognize and subscribe to the same principles, with the added secret ingredient of refined eroticism, always only between consenting adults.

Eden Centre has the benefit of genuine Tantra to inform and nourish the natural need for nudity and openness. Tantra has had since its beginnings a sacred approach to sexuality and eroticism that you will find also here.

This makes every Nude Massage session unique.

Use the phone number bellow to book a session at our centre in Bergen.

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