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Tantric Therapy

Eden Tantric Massage Bergen Centre individually tailored Tantric Therapy

Eden Tantric Massage Bergen is a very powerful type of massage. One of its trademark features is that it’s individually tailored to the needs and issues of the person receiving it. In some cases, when the person is facing considerable problems, the Tantric Massage Bergen is focused on Tantric Therapy.

The problems most encountered, that the Tantric Massage Bergen can deal with successfully, are:

•    diminished or inexistent libido
•    sexual or emotional traumas
•    frigidity
•    impotence
•    premature ejaculation
•    inability to connect with others at a profound level to create fulfilling reciprocal relationships

At the first visit, the initial conversation with your therapist will detail the history and symptoms of your problem to find the underlining causes and establish together a treatment plan.

Part of the Tantric Therapy consists in consciousness work. The underlining causes of some of these problems are found in limiting beliefs and past programming that lead to feelings of disempowerment. During the Tantric Massage Bergen we will insist on the aspect of mindfulness, that helps you get out of your mental constructs and simply exist in the moment, allowing you to be happy and reconnect to your own sexual energy.

Another part of the Tantric Therapy consists in improving the control of sexual energy. The goal of the Tantric Massage Bergen control of sexual energy is to learn to master your own sexual energy as opposed to having it master you.

In the case of premature ejaculation, part of the problem is dealing with the “point of no return”. It is a sensation that occurs a few moments before ejaculation. Men who don’t suffer from premature ejaculation are able to easily recognize this sensation and either stop or slow down until the sexual energy is again manageable.

By incorporating in the Tantric Massage Bergen a number of physical and psychological techniques, the man can recognize his own arousal ladder and the speed with which he climbs to orgasm. Once recognized, the man can work on controlling the pace and the level of the arousal through several effective Tantric techniques he is shown in guided through during the Tantric Massage Bergen, practicing them regularly in order to be able to use these techniques in an erotic encounter in his personal intimate life.

Becoming more open and balanced at an emotional level, prepares the man for a better communication between himself and his lover, which, in turn, will create a profound state of intimacy between the lovers, and also enable his lover to assist with the Tantric techniques and offer loving support.

Depending on the severity of the issue and the willingness to work on it the Tantric Therapy will last for a number of sessions established at the first visit that can be reviewed later on.

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