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Body to Body Massage – The Queen of Massage


There are many types of massage that you could enjoy for pleasure, relaxation and for their therapeutic effects. But among all of them, Body to Body Massage is “la crème de la crème”. It stands out as the Queen of all types of massage. And you will soon find out why.
Let me start with this:

Body to Body Massage has everything

Your Body to Body massage experience will start with a nice and soothing relaxation massage. But this is only to prepare you for the cocktail of experiences that follows. Using her profound Tantric and Taoist knowledge your masseuse will take you in a sensual journey to a place that might be totally new to you.
Your energy will be activated and guided along your energetic channels by the careful touch of the masseuse. Certain acupressure points will be stimulated in order to uplift your energy. The masseuse will use her own body to touch yours along the energetic channels, with a carefully studied methodology. And she will do all this in a most sensual and erotic way that will allow you to experience a higher state of intimacy.

A deeper connection between two bodies

During Body to Body Massage, the approach is slow and calm. The masseuse will sense your energy and will connect with you one step at the time. As time passes this subtle connection gets more and more profound.
A heart opening experience
Touching is related to the heart chakra. When your heart is open, you can feel more, you can discover a new world. So, one of most important aim of your masseuse is to open your heart, to awaken your soul through the ancient art of touch. During Body to Body Massage, she does that with tenderness and care.

Tenderness and romance

You will feel like a baby, pampered by his mother’s loving hands with no worries in this world. You will feel embraced by an angel’s protective wings of light.
And you might feel all this in the same time during Body to Body Massage. As I said before, it is a cocktail of experiences that you signed in for.

An experienced tantric masseuse

Body to Body Massage is a chance to benefit from the guidance and experience of our tantric masseuse. All of our masseuses have a background of many years of tantric practice and have been trained in the art of Tantric and Taoist massage.
During a massage session, your masseuse might initiate you into some breathing techniques and some other practices. This will only enhance your overall experience. You might also learn about erotic energy and find out new ways to benefit from your erotic potential. Enjoy it in a way that will not leave you depleted, on the contrary – you will leave relaxed and full of energy in the same time. Worth trying, right?

You will step into a modified state of consciousness

Your masseuse moves her body in a meaningful way along your energetic channels, relaxing your body. Your heart opens and your energy is activated and flowing through your whole body. When this happens, you will slowly but surely enter into a new dimension. It is a naturally modified state of consciousness. And it’s name is BLISS.
Body to Body Massage is so rich in what it can offer that many of our loyal guests book at least 2 hours to enjoy it. Some even go for several hours in just one session.
You decide how long your experience will last, but our advice is to book at least 1,5 hours. This is the minimum amount of time to go through this amazing and sensual process.
Have you started to anticipate the Body to Body Massage experience already? Good. Book a body to body massage session right now and enjoy its extraordinary benefits.

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