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Yoni Mapping – a Woman’s “Evrika”

It is natural to wonder what you might expect from a yoni mapping session in our center from Bergen, if you have never had one before. After all, it is a special massage addressed to one of woman’s most vulnerable parts.

“Yoni” is a Sanskrit word meaning “sacred place” and refers to your sexual part, especially vagina. That is why yoni mapping is also known as “vulva/vagina massage”.

If you are curious and you wish to try it, the first thing you need to know is that you will go only as far as you feel comfortable with. Every woman has her own pace, we know it and understand it very well.

Yoni mapping will always start with a long and pleasurable whole body massage. You will feel relaxed, calm and well taken care of. And then, when you are prepared, different areas from outside and inside your vagina will be carefully pressed and massaged. Just like in reflex therapy.

As your sensitive yoni area will receive a lot of attention and affection from our therapists (yes, they all love what they are doing), you might experience a range of emotions and sensations. Here are a few of them:

1. New Sensations Within

As women, we are very sensitive to touch. Our yoni is as well. Our emotions, good or bad, have their reflection here, in our nest of femininity.

Our yoni may become insensitive and we might not feel some of its areas due to some unfortunate events from our past or unfulfilling intercourses.

Being carefully pressured and massaged, the spots that were insensitive before become veritable sources of energy and pleasure.

2. Yoni Mapping Relieves Pain

Some women might feel painful spots inside their yoni, that show that there are some unprocessed emotions, blocked energy or trauma there. If you experienced something similar when making love with your partner, no worries – these spots can relax and the pain will go away in one or more sessions.

Our careful therapists can tell you more about the connection between your yoni and your emotions, during or after the massage.

3. Emotional release

The massage on your yoni could also bring up deep emotions that were stuck inside your body. This is a good thing, as in this way you could release them. You will feel free, lighter and happy again.

4. Crying during a yoni mapping

Sometimes emotional release is done through crying. A liberating, cathartic crying. If that happens, let yourself cry. Cry and let go. Cry, in order to laugh again.

5. Pleasure and ….. even orgasm

The main goal of a yoni mapping is not to reach orgasm. But when your energetic and emotional blockages are removed, your orgasmic capacity and the potential for pleasure are highly increased. You will feel ecstatic.

And yes, you could have an orgasm…. You could have multiple orgasms. There are women who felt vaginal orgasm for the first time in their lives during a yoni mapping. Some of them have never experienced it before during the intercourse.

Every woman is different

If you decide to treat yourself with a yoni mapping in Bergen, allow yourself to feel exactly what you are feeling – all is good. Every woman has her own states and sometimes unpredicctable revelations.

You can also communicate with the masseuse as she will assist you each step of the way. Our masseuses were well and long trained into the practice of yoni mapping. Therefore, be sure that you will be on good hands.

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