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Top Conversations About Massage

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While practicing Tantra Coaching and genuine Tantric Massage we encounter many situations and are asked numerous questions about the ancient tradition of Tantra and about our Tantric Massage Bergen.
Some of them are meaningful, others are of general interest and others still are great fun.

So in this blog, I thought to share some of them with you.

I am often asked who needs a massage. My answer is and will be absolutely everyone. Our lives in this modern day and age are such that we make great demands of our bodies, our hearts, and our minds, while at the same time having less and less time for ourselves.

Eden Tantra Massage in our salon from Bergen, while not the only solution, is a complete exercise in relaxing, regenerating, balancing, awakening and exploring in the most affectionate and liberating way our bodies, our hearts and minds.

My guests also ask me how often should they get a Tantric Massage Bergen? I invite my guests to visit whenever they feel the need, but advise at least once a month for lasting benefits.

One guest once asked me what is the point of getting a Tantric Massage Bergen if the effects don’t last, and if the effects don’t last why come back? To this my answer is: the effects of bathing don’t last either, but are very useful, which is why we do it so often. Just like physical exercise and grooming, it is something we do because we like it, it makes us feel better, and ultimately we choose to do it. It is a lifestyle and a preferred gift, not a tiresome obligation.

In our Eden massage salon from Bergen we offer genuine Tantric massages for men, women and couples. If you are interested to have a massage here, you can see our services here:

One of the most frequent questions I am asked by men is why make the effort necessary to control the sexual energy as demonstrated in an Tantric Massage Bergen? This is a difficult answer to put in a few words. To give an example, it is like the difference between eating three-day-old cold pizza and freshly made home-made hot dinner, if it were made by one of the greatest chefs in the world.

In the present society, we have all become consumers and we prefer to pay to have things ready made for us, or use the microwave for an expedient dinner. But some things are worth the effort. You are worth it! And you should try it to see how it feels, at least once. Twice to make sure.

And to be perfectly honest, if you were to look inside you, and admit it, your instinct tells you to be open and do it. It is against the laws of nature to choose worse instead of better, something that’s ingrained in all species: to be competitive, to better themselves and constantly grow in order to thrive.

Tantric Massages from Eden salon Bergen invites you to an adventure in which you may discover new facets of your eroticism, how to use it in order to have better life and be happier.

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