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The Gentle Power Of Touch

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Without a shadow of doubt receiving intimate sensual touch, as in a Tantric Massage from our centre in Bergen, is one of the most wonderful sensations that a person can experience. The sense of touch is a vital part of our human nature and is certainly one of our earliest forms of communication.

It is scientifically accepted that both our physiology and neurology are specifically designed to facilitate touch, and when a person is lovingly touched, it also has a profound effect on the mind. This is why the affectionate touch of a genuine sensual Tantric Massage is so amazing.

How important is touch?

The words that come to mind are – crucial, critical and vital. Literally vital, as without appropriate touch, people cannot grow and develop. Touch is very powerful.

”The greatest sense in our body is our touch sense. It is the main sense in sleeping and waking; it gives us our knowledge of depth or thickness and form; we feel, we love and hate, are touchy and are touched, through … our skin”

Touch is natural. If a baby cries, it is natural to pick up, rock, pat and soothe. When you hit your elbow, it is natural to grab it and rub it. Touch is an integral part of our everyday language: ‘rub the wrong way’/’out of touch’/’lost the grip’/ thick skinned or thin skinned/ ‘the personal touch when something’s exactly right/ we’ve ‘put a finger on it’/ maybe most telling of all, when someone is leaving, we say ‘keep in touch’, even when what we mean is write or phone. When someone leaves we say “keep in touch” even when we mean write or call. The essence of touch is “feeling”: though touch is not in itself an emotion, it induces powerful feelings.

The meaningful touch of a sensual Tantric massage gives a person feeling of being cared about and cared for. Being lovingly touched or held makes everyone feel worthy and physically feel soothed.

What is touch?

Touch is connecting, a relationship with what lies outside of our limited personal universe. The loving touch of an sensual Tantric massage in Eden centre tells us we’re not alone.

Since we are babies we explore and make sense of the world mainly through touch; the loving touch of our caretakers is essential to growth and becoming adjusted. The cuddling and stroking received in child would helps build a positive self image and nurtures the feeling of being accepted and loved. Psychologists have demonstrated that our perception of how much and how we are touched relates to how we value ourselves, it’s the essential nourishment for self-worth, which is why massage is such an effective means to share intimate knowledge as in the sensual Tantric massage.

How can it be that the loving touch can be one of most effective means to influence the structures and functions of body, mind and soul? The answer lies in the skin. Our skin is the largest organ, appearing in the embryo from the same source as the nervous system.

Our sense of touch is so closely connected with our tools of consciousness that an intimate erotic encounter or a sensual Tantric massage in Bergen can easily offer you access to the deepest levels of your consciousness, transforming your life for better.

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